❖ Only one-third of India's total population has access to timely and immediate medical care.

❖ Lack of easy Access to Medical Services in rural India

❖ High out of pocket expenses

❖ Poor infrastructure in Primary Health Centres.

❖ Govt. Hospitals are overcrowded.

❖ Expensive treatment in private hospitals.


  • The majority of people have limited finances
  • India's vast size and growing population hamper access to medical services.
  • Healthcare requires high out-of-pocket spending and there is low maternal health expenditure.
  • Indian primary health centers are short of more than 3,000 doctors, and almost 80% of qualified medical professionals are based in Tier1 cities.
  • Government policies are not implemented.
  • Public hospitals are overcrowded, understaffed and under-financed.
  • The penetration of organized players across the healthcare delivery market is low.
  • Government spending in the healthcare sector is low (2.27% of total Union Budget in FY18).